Mama Does the Maverick’s Mud Run

Mud Run

I ran the Mavericks Mud Run with a beautiful group of friends yesterday. “What is a mud run?” You ask. It is a 5k (3.1 mile) obstacle course, filled with hill climbs, mud pits, rope climbs, balance beams, over-unders, wall climbs, and army-crawling-in-mud-puddles-for-fun antics.     This was my fifth mud run. Now, you may ask, “Why would you do that?!” My usual response is, “because it’s fun”. But really it is so much more than that. It’s the camaraderie, {Read More}

Artistic Freedom

Artistic Freedom

Limitless imagination. Full of wonder. Full of awe. Full of freedom. Tiny wings carry a huge heart. Dream on, little blue bird.

Lovely Lucille

Lucy with balloons

You beautiful old soul.  Your deep enchanting eyes could put a spell on any being. You are tenacious and sweet. Clever and brave. Free-spirited and bold. I love the way you hold my neck when you are in my arms, and squint your eyes when you smile. When I look into those eyes, I see my own mother. I see warmth. I see love. Papa says he is expecting big things from you. I can see why. Your intensity is {Read More}

How to Make a Logo in Publisher {for Beginners}

Create a Logo in Publisher

I do not have a graphic design background, but I am learning as I go.  I am a bit familiar with Publisher, so I thought I would try to make a logo with this program. With a little research, and a lot of trial and error, I came up with a logo that I love. This is how I made my logo in Publisher. Before I began with the background I chose my fonts. I found a couple of fonts {Read More}

Banner in Picasa

                    One of the first steps I wanted to take upon my return to blogging was to revamp my banner. My original banner was simply the wording “Aspiring SAHM”. I wanted something a little fancier, but I am not familiar with Photoshop or Illustrator.  I was able to find a fantastic tutorial on Memories on Clover Lane.  Sarah provided a great step-by-step guide that was easy to follow and I am {Read More}

10 Amazing Baby Shower Gifts for Under $50

10 Shower Gifts

  A baby shower is significant to a growing family.  Hopes and dreams are being created and nurtured. To attend a baby shower is a big deal. Mommy-to-be wants to share this special time with you. It is nice to present a gift that will be appreciated and used. But we don’t always want to break the bank when shopping for a new bundle of love. The following are either gifts I received or items I purchased that I truly, {Read More}

I’m Baaack

I'm Baaack

Since my last post, my life has been a whirlwind. We welcomed our beautiful Lucille into the world. And I am happy to announce that I have ­­­­officially become a stay at home mom! It has been a beautiful, hectic, amazing time. Through it all,  I have really missed my blog. I had such high aspirations, but my focus was divided. Life somehow got in the way of my dreams to take time to reflect, to document memories, and to {Read More}

Gazelle Intensity

Part of my to plan to be a Stay At Home Mom is becoming debt free. I will be the first to admit that I’ve been financially foolish. In the past we did not see a problem with making purchases on credit. Oh! What a problem it has become. In recent years we had credit card upon credit card. We were making payments on two vehicles and two dirt bikes. Pure insanity! This year I vowed to make a change. {Read More}

Full Plate

Full Plate

Keeping up with my blog has been a challenge lately. I am finding it difficult to juggle being a mother, wife, working full-time, running our construction company, exercising, eating right, housework… Somewhere I have to fit in sleeping and blogging. I still intend to experiment with methods of making money from home, but it looks like it will be more difficult than I expected. Please bare with me. To be continued…      

Survey Study – Week One

Survey Questionmarks

    I began on July 3rd by signing up on the first “money making” survey referral site I found. I was then directed to sign up for two more survey sites that this site referred me to. I was told I would be referred to two new sites each day, and that I should sign up for them right away. By July 7th, my “coaches” instructed me to sign up for IPSOS, NPDOR,, Global Test Market, Zoom Panel {Read More}

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