10 Tips for New Moms

Layered Changing Pad

  Mommyhood is a new role to me. I am not claiming to have infinite wisdom, but I have learned a thing or two in my 13 months of experience. I am big on saving time and my sanity. Here are a few tips that have done both. 1. Trust your Instincts You will question yourself over and over again. Just remember, you are MADE to be a Mommy. Let your instincts lead the way. Accept advice from those with {Read More}

How to Remove GUM from Leather Furniture

pb and gum

During Emilia’s birthday party, one of her little friends left a present… a glob of gum smeared onto our leather couch! I researched ways of getting it off. WD-40, nail polish remover and and lotion seemed like they could cause damage. Peanut butter?! Why not, let’s try it. Wipe peanut butter on the gum. Let is sit for at least three hours. (I tried wiping it off after one hour and the gum was still there.) After three hours, wipe {Read More}