Survey Study – Week One

Survey Questionmarks

    I began on July 3rd by signing up on the first “money making” survey referral site I found. I was then directed to sign up for two more survey sites that this site referred me to. I was told I would be referred to two new sites each day, and that I should sign up for them right away. By July 7th, my “coaches” instructed me to sign up for IPSOS, NPDOR,, Global Test Market, Zoom Panel {Read More}

Survey Says

The questionnaire

My first at-home money making venture is, of course, completing surveys. Surveys are a staple of earning money via the Internet. I have never taken a survey online and I am somewhat hesitant. Will I earn any money? Will I be bombarded with junk email? Tonight I Googled, “make money with surveys” and clicked on the first link. I signed up with this site and was told it would take two weeks of their coaching to learn the ropes and {Read More}

Learning to Make Money from Home

Pink Piggy Bank

The main reason I am not currently a Stay At Home Mom is because my family depends on my income. I make a decent salary as a full-time office manager. I have always worked outside the home. Now that I am a mother, I am compelled to find a way to stay at home. I plan on experimenting with different money making ideas to see which are viable options. I have been brainstorming and the following are some of the {Read More}