Survey Study – Week One

Survey Questionmarks

    I began on July 3rd by signing up on the first “money making” survey referral site I found. I was then directed to sign up for two more survey sites that this site referred me to. I was told I would be referred to two new sites each day, and that I should sign up for them right away. By July 7th, my “coaches” instructed me to sign up for IPSOS, NPDOR,, Global Test Market, Zoom Panel {Read More}

To Emilia ~ Scrunchy Face

Scrunchy Face Picture

  {Disclaimer: You may want to kill me for this picture when you are in your teens.} You are definitely developing a sense of humor! You started making the FUNNIEST face. We’ve been calling it the “scrunchy face”. You scrunch up your nose and squeeze your lips and huff in and out through your nose.  We laugh, then you giggle. It is hilarious. You’ve also been learning a lot of new words. You know Mama, Papa, baby and kitty-kitty. You {Read More}

10 Tips for New Moms

Layered Changing Pad

  Mommyhood is a new role to me. I am not claiming to have infinite wisdom, but I have learned a thing or two in my 13 months of experience. I am big on saving time and my sanity. Here are a few tips that have done both. 1. Trust your Instincts You will question yourself over and over again. Just remember, you are MADE to be a Mommy. Let your instincts lead the way. Accept advice from those with {Read More}

Survey Says

The questionnaire

My first at-home money making venture is, of course, completing surveys. Surveys are a staple of earning money via the Internet. I have never taken a survey online and I am somewhat hesitant. Will I earn any money? Will I be bombarded with junk email? Tonight I Googled, “make money with surveys” and clicked on the first link. I signed up with this site and was told it would take two weeks of their coaching to learn the ropes and {Read More}

Learning to Make Money from Home

Pink Piggy Bank

The main reason I am not currently a Stay At Home Mom is because my family depends on my income. I make a decent salary as a full-time office manager. I have always worked outside the home. Now that I am a mother, I am compelled to find a way to stay at home. I plan on experimenting with different money making ideas to see which are viable options. I have been brainstorming and the following are some of the {Read More}