To Emilia ~ Schwimming with Shmeelee

Your first swimming lesson was Monday, June, 18, 2012. We took the Tadpole class at the Apple Valley Parks & Recreation swimming pool. There were eight other babies in your class. It was an outdoor pool and it was warm but windy. You held on to me so tight at first. It seemed like you were not sure why there was so much water and why we were both in it. We played with floating toys and you smiled at the other babies. You splashed the water and dunked your face.  The instructor had us sing a song, “The Babies in The Pool Go ‘Splash, Splash, Splash”. Papa surprised us and came to your lesson. He watched and took a bunch of pictures. I would ask, “Where’s Papa?” You would look around and point him out. He is so proud of you!

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