10 Tips for New Moms


Mommyhood is a new role to me. I am not claiming to have infinite wisdom, but I have learned a thing or two in my 13 months of experience. I am big on saving time and my sanity. Here are a few tips that have done both.

1. Trust your Instincts

You will question yourself over and over again. Just remember, you are MADE to be a Mommy. Let your instincts lead the way. Accept advice from those with good intentions, and then filter through it. Do what seems right to you. Do not depend on the Internet, it has way too many conflicting answers, some of which will cause unnecessary worry. If you have a question that you are really unsure of, call your doctor.

2. Layer the Changing Table

Put the changing sheet on the changing pad, and then place a small changing mat on top, then a receiving blanket. When the receiving blanket gets wet or dirty, just remove it. Then you don’t have to change the changing pad sheet so often!














3. Accept Help

Many of your friends and family will offer help. Take it! You may feel like you want to be Super Mom. Don’t worry, there are 18+ more years for that!

4. Organize, Organize, Organize

When the nursery is organized, it makes things easier when you’re tired or pressed for time. Organize clothes, shoes and diapers by age/size. Keep sizes that are too big in a bin in the closet or garage. Have an easily accessible place for bibs, receiving blankets and washcloths.

5. Layer the Bed

Put a waterproof mattress cover on the mattress, then a sheet, then another waterproof mattress cover, then another sheet. If there is a mess in the middle of the night, you can just remove one layer. It is SO much easier than replacing a sheet at 1:00am.














6. Plan Ahead

Everyday tasks will take A LOT longer to accomplish with a precious new bundle. Add an extra half-hour to your schedule for getting all of the baby extras ready. I don’t know how many times I was ready to head out the door, only to find the baby was hungry or need a diaper change. If you plan ahead and are prepared for the unforeseen, it will alleviate a lot of undue stress. Also, keep a stocked diaper bag in the car and a stroller in the trunk.

7. Have your Significant Other Participate

It may seem easier to do it all yourself. He may be confused, unsure or uncomfortable. That is perfectly normal. The more he avoids it, the longer it will take to get used to. Have him change diapers, do feedings, give baths and soothe your fussy little one. He will eventually get more relaxed and you will get much needed breaks.

8. Start on a Schedule

Get your baby on an eating and sleeping schedule as soon as possible. It is healthier for the baby and easier for you. There are books out there, such as Baby Wise, that give you a step-by-step program.

9. Get a Bassinet

Do NOT let your baby sleep in your bed. Of course, there is the risk that the baby can suffocate. You will not be able to sleep well, because of the fear that you may roll over. A great alternative is to have a bassinet next to your bed. You can easily tend to the baby without the risk. The baby will get used to sleeping on his or her own. This will also make for an easier transition to their own crib.

10. Do You

Take time for yourself to do what you love. Take a break, get a pedicure, go for a walk, have lunch with friends. Do something for you. The best thing you can give your baby is a healthy, happy Mommy.

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