Survey Study – Week One



I began on July 3rd by signing up on the first “money making” survey referral site I found. I was then directed to sign up for two more survey sites that this site referred me to. I was told I would be referred to two new sites each day, and that I should sign up for them right away.

By July 7th, my “coaches” instructed me to sign up for IPSOS, NPDOR,, Global Test Market, Zoom Panel and National Consumer Panel. I have completed several surveys for IPSOS, NPDOR and I have yet to receive a red cent.  I have received points and sweepstakes entries. I am not sure how this whole survey thing works but so far I am not comfortable with this. It seems like a lot of effort for no profit. Am I doing this right? For the benefit of my study I will continue and see if this pans out.

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