Gazelle Intensity

Part of my to plan to be a Stay At Home Mom is becoming debt free. I will be the first to admit that I’ve been financially foolish. In the past we did not see a problem with making purchases on credit. Oh! What a problem it has become. In recent years we had credit card upon credit card. We were making payments on two vehicles and two dirt bikes. Pure insanity!

This year I vowed to make a change. I looked into Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. I read about his methods and have implemented his ideas. I created a budget, put away an emergency fund and am paying off debt. Dave Ramsey’s method is to create a “debt snowball”  and to pay off debt with “gazelle intensity”. As if you are a gazelle, desperately running to escape from debt, the predator. I am paying off debt with this intensity. Whenever I get extra money, I pay a credit card bill. It stung a little, at first, but now it is getting exciting.  The first several months was an uphill battle. This month I began to see progress. The “debt snowball” is now rolling downhill! According to my plan, we will have all credit cards and all vehicles paid off by November of 2013. That will bring me one step closer to being a SAHM!


  1. Your doing amazing I am so proud of you!!

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