I’m Baaack

Since my last post, my life has been a whirlwind. We welcomed our beautiful Lucille into the world. And I am happy to announce that I have ­­­­officially become a stay at home mom!

It has been a beautiful, hectic, amazing time. Through it all,  I have really missed my blog. I had such high aspirations, but my focus was divided. Life somehow got in the way of my dreams to take time to reflect, to document memories, and to embrace my passion for writing.  It was somewhat discouraging that I was not blogging. Then I realized, that is exactly the point of AspiringSAHM. I am a busy mom, figuring out how to juggle this crazy life. So it is with excitement and determination that I say…

Let’s try this again…

Lucy (16)



  1. So super excited for you. I will be your #1 fan!!

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