10 Amazing Baby Shower Gifts for Under $50


10 Shower Gifts

A baby shower is significant to a growing family.  Hopes and dreams are being created and nurtured. To attend a baby shower is a big deal. Mommy-to-be wants to share this special time with you. It is nice to present a gift that will be appreciated and used. But we don’t always want to break the bank when shopping for a new bundle of love.

The following are either gifts I received or items I purchased that I truly, truly have found to be practical, adorable, extremely useful or life-savers.


The cutest, handiest pacifier ever. It is a stuffed animal (of your choice) attached to a pacifier. The paci rarely falls out of baby’s mouth because the weighted stuffed animal rests on baby’s chest… and they are adorable.


Personalized Blankets

I loved receiving personalized blankets for my daughters. It is a keepsake that they will have for a lifetime.

Newborn Boppy Pillow

Cradles baby safely and securely. My girls were always comfy cozy in their baby Boppy.


Book Instead of Card 

Sign the front page of the book. Much more useful and sentimental.

Newborn Nightgowns

Keeps baby warm but Mama and Papa still have access for diaper changes.


Diapers in size 3

Babies go through size Newborn to size two in the first 6-8 months. They are in size 3 for a long time. {I prefer Pampers}.

Remote Controlled Mobile

So incredibly genius!

Clothes – Size 9 Months

An often overlooked size.

aden + anais Blankets

Light and airy. Large and versatile. My daughters are four and almost two. They both still use these blankets.


People often do diaper raffles which is wonderful, but wipes are often overlooked.



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