Mama Does the Maverick’s Mud Run

I ran the Mavericks Mud Run with a beautiful group of friends yesterday. “What is a mud run?” You ask. It is a 5k (3.1 mile) obstacle course, filled with hill climbs, mud pits, rope climbs, balance beams, over-unders, wall climbs, and army-crawling-in-mud-puddles-for-fun antics.


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This was my fifth mud run. Now, you may ask, “Why would you do that?!” My usual response is, “because it’s fun”. But really it is so much more than that.

It’s the camaraderie, the goofiness, the smiles, the laughter, the positive vibes, and the acceptance. I witnessed women and men of every shape, size, age and color, trudge through the same mud, climb the same bleachers and crawl over the same hurdles. They all passed proudly through the same finish line and received the same medal.

It’s the physicality, the challenge, the heavy breathing, the heart pumping, the jumping, the running, the falling down and the getting up. I watched a grandmother scale an eight-foot metal wall with the help of her family. I saw a father and son wading through a dirty moat. I extended my hand to a stranger to help her out of a mud pit.She grinned with appreciation.

It’s the tight hugs, the shared experiences, the memories, the “I can’t believe we just did that”, and the feeling of being alive. I laughed with a friend as we pulled ourselves through a mud puddle. I witnessed people push their limits and exceed their own expectations.  I smiled as a little boy yelled with unbridled enthusiasm.

It’s the rawness, the grit, and temporary shedding of social restraints. In a time of disconnection and distraction. It is utterly refreshing to play in muddy puddles.




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